Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mixed Feelings!

Dieter is 10 months old and has taken his first steps! It is so exciting but I am also not ready! Well, I guess I am ready but my house is not. I have started to get organized and this will help me organize faster.

I love that spring is here. We have planted a little orchard at our house. We have 6 apple trees, 8 peach, 1 cherry, and 1 pear. We have more room to add 2 apricot and one more pear (need to save more money first :). Several years from now we might be wondering what we were thinking! Kimball is so creative and last fall made an apple press for our already 3 full grown apple trees. The juice is so yummy. He hopes to improve is apple press by the time our 6 new trees have fruit. Me and Dieter have been spending plenty of time outside this spring. I have so much yard work to do...