Friday, July 9, 2010

Mosquito and an Owl

My poor child got a mosquito bite 2 days ago on the forehead. When he woke up this morning his eye is almost swollen shut. Last week he got a bite on his arm and his arm was swelled for 3 days. We live in the wrong city if Dieter is going to be allergic to mosquitos.

About the owl... We have been hearing scratching in our fireplace for a week or longer and couldn't see anything in there. Kimball finally opened the fireplace from the inside so what ever was scratching could fall down, and it was a big owl! I couldn't believe how big it was. We felt bad that it had been in there for so long so at 11:00 at night Kimball called animal control and took it to some place were they will nurse it back to health. Kimball said when he got there the lady was bottle feeding a beaver. Too funny! Kimball is growing soft as he gets older because he is not opposed to shooting random animals around our house.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yes, we are still alive.

Okay I am terrible at blogging. I try to stay away from the computer because I am easily distracted. The internet is endless and I have a hard time not spending hours looking at misc. things. I am trying to use my time more wisely but I have set a goal to be better at blogging. Dieter turned 1 on June 11. I can't believe my baby is 1. Where did this year go? Dieter is walking so good and when we play with cousins he wants to be one of the "big kids". He has done a pretty good job exploring all cupboards and bookcases in our house and loves to climb on everything. Dieter loves being outside and pointing at airplanes and birds. He absolutely loves when Kimball comes home from work. He doesn't want to leave his side (until he's tired, then he wants me). And I am very happy to say that I am officially a full time mom! My last day of work was Tuesday. I am so excited to be home. I am going to try to be very productive during the days with endless projects around our house.

Anyone out there listening are watching Glenn Beck? If you are, pretty crazy what is happening in our country. One of my favorite things to do is buy books off of Amazon (yes, I get very distracted on the website). I am really into history books lately and have bought several that Glenn Beck has talked about. I look forward to reading and educating myself about our country and history.

Well, if anyone still looks at my blog I will try to not let 2 months go by before I post again...

Here are some pictures from Dieter's b-day.