Saturday, March 27, 2010

Got Allergies?

We don't!! About 4 months ago I noticed Dieter showing signs of allergies (throwing up, rashes, eczema). One of our neighbors told us about a chiropractor that cleared up his daughters severe dairy allergies, so we thought we would give this chiropractor a try. We figured it couldn't hurt...
Well, Dieter has been allergic (and sensitive) to so many things; dairy, corn, yeast, soy, banana, apples, berries, detergent, chemicals, chlorine, avocado, sugar, millet, flax seed, rubber, plastic, newspaper, latex... Seriously, me and Kimball have been so surprised to the things he was allergic to. It seemed like everything he touched (or after he ate) he broke out in a terrible rash. Well, we have some good news to those of you that have allergies, Dieter is cured!!! No more rashes, eczema, throwing up. It has been such a blessing that our neighbor told us about Dr. Scott Skaggs. The treatments are easy and there wasn't any skin poking either!! I would highly recommend seeing him. And to top it off, he has fixed Kimball's seasonal allergies!! Dr. Skaggs as saved us a lot of trouble in the future. I honestly don't know what Dieter would have eaten when he got older. I would recommend him to anyone. If your interested here is his number...782-4454

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I went and got Dieter's pictures taken. I think they turned out pretty cute!! He is such a fun and happy baby!!